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You might be looking for a way to improve your sleep. If so, you may need to get your existing bed replaced. Upgrade your bed with the newest and smart options. SKF decor is one of the leading Smart bed manufacturers in Delhi. In the past decades, the technology has almost revolutionized the living standards. So, if you don’t want to lag behind or want to enhance your living standards, step-up your esthetics. 

Physical aspects of smart bed

its well-built structure is made up of 18mm and 12mm solid ply. The bed has a magnificent hydraulic lift that is convenient and can easily handle massive weight. There are two boxes laminated on which the mattress is read, easy to clean and done with the premium leather or fabric finishing. 

Let’s talk about its features -

  • Charger point
  • USB point
  • Book reading lamp
  • Laptop platform, library
  • Massage chair with head massager

You can customize the bed size and also add some color features which you can remove later, if you want.

Bed dimensions in which a mattress area is 6 * 6 outside and 8 * 8.3.Depending on the size of the bed the price varies. Pamper yourself with these exclusive smart beds. SKF decor is a modern smart bed suppliers in India. We believe in providing quality work and we consider the customer’s satisfaction as our top-most priority.

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